Logo development

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I was really stuck on the logo, but at least I knew that I was on the right road. I knew that I waned to do a type of rose that is stylized. When I saw this mosaic photo I was immediately inspired to adopt the style into my logo. I recreated my own version of the rose and changed the style to my liking.

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There’s an amazing website that I can across!

Its called Mobbin.design (https://mobbin.design/). Its a really cool place to get inspired in terms of layout and design! It shows the layout of hundreds of apps and shows you the complete flow of each. the reason I like this so much is because it helps me to see the flow of other apps in terms of login, sign up, profiles etc and you can search for trending designs. Its really rad!

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I really appreciated the talk that Werner gave to us about UI and UX design.

what I got most out of his talk was learning about the process which one uses to design a project. Practical skills like why wireframing is important, when to start designing a look and feel and most of all designing a style sheet that can be used across the project to maintain a similar style throughout every page. this helps to keep the type and button sizes consistent. Annotation 2019-03-12 084028.jpg

Wireframe redesign

After reviewing my first wireframes I realize that there are some major flaws.

As a user we have become accustomed to certain standards and layouts in UI design. Eg. the cart icon is universally in the right top corner. I have forgotten to consider these norms when designing my first layout and have set up a new kind of flow and layout that I think works much better.

This new flow is also much more focused on the main functionality of my app, which is to plan a new date.


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My first design was focused on making the home section like a main menu section and where the users can pick the page or category they wanted to access.

This was a problem because the hierarchy of info was lost and the main function of my app was not communicated well to the user.

My solution was to create a main screen that was in the center and that the other sections could be accessed through swiping the screen in cross sections. This felt more intuitive and gave my user a proper focal point for the app.Annotation 2019-03-12 081356.jpgAnnotation 2019-03-12 081209.jpg

Color pallets

This is one of my favorite parts of creating a project!

I enjoy the freedom of creating a palette for the first time. I usually create a whole bunch of pallets and then I look at what kind of mood each of them gives me. I then identify the mood that fits best with my concept and the requirements of the brief.

After I have chosen one or two I put them in a rough layout to view what they would look like in the project. This is when I finalize the my choice and establish a color hierarchy.


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Logo designs

I really struggle with this part of the brief.

I don’t think I am so comfortable when designing logos, because i tend to over think it and not be willing to explore new ideas when I have found something that I think might work. When I overwork it it becomes clear that I need to go back to the drawing board…


Concept Objectives

The problem that i am trying to alleviate is:

Not knowing what to do for a date

The further implications of this problem usually leads to:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Uninformed users
  • Boredom
  • Frustration
  • Lack of adventure
  • High risk and low reward for people with children or very busy schedules.
  • Time consuming process

The basic goals and objectives of my app will be to:

1. Offer the user clear options for dates

2. Give the user a new and unique experience

3. Save the user the time, effort and money it takes to plan and organize a date.